11 februari 2011

Best Entrance And Exit Ever!

Usman Ahmed showing off at his entrance of a boxing match. He doesn't looks smart either.

10 februari 2011

The Head Shaving Helmet

Believe it or not.. but here's the shaving helmet with 4 blades running around your head. Wait a few sec and your done! These guys will demonstrate.

Construction Fails!

Construction is never easy. So much planning, managing, and budgeting goes on that sometimes little details get misplaced, forgotten, or ignored. In the case of these places, the design team might have forgotten one or two of those little details.
Use this bridge to cross the.... mm nevermind

9 februari 2011

Truck With Snow Passes Bridge

Amazing footage of a truck trailer with snow piled on it's roof as it passes under a bridge, causing large amounts of snow to hit the vehicle behind it.

8 februari 2011

Music Video Fail

Here's a funny video about some guy's trying to record a new clip of their rap song. But doesn't pulls of as it should..

7 februari 2011

Psycho test

Read this question, come up with an answer and then Open the post to
see the result. This is not a trick question. It is as it reads.
No one has gotten it right-including me.

A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met this guy whom
she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy
she believed him to be just that! She fell in love with him right there, but
never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she
killed her sister.

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister?

(Give this some thought before you open the post to see the answer)

6 februari 2011

Snow art

Here is an interesting picture of snow art. It is a drawing on a snowy cars windows. And it illustrates driver,  back seat passenger and of course the trunks content.

What would you think if:

You are coming back at your car seeing this?

3D Street Art

German artists Marion Ruthardt and Gregor Vosika created these amazing street art pieces for Nike's "I Run" campaign in Russia. Completed at four different parks in Moscow, the detailed murals give off the optical illusion that runners must overcome challenging obstacles in their path to get to the other side of the road.

The frightening obstacles include: crossing over a large hole in the ground by balancing on a log, walking across a waterfall by crossing a suspension bridge, balancing on arctic glaciers, and passing through a river by skipping on rocks.

The artists first used a special technique to sketch out the image on the asphalt with chalk, then they begin to paint it in. Each piece took them over eight hours to complete.

What do you think?

Here's another very good looking 3d painting

5 februari 2011

The Body-Laptop Wooly Jumper

About creating you're own work space.... yeah right!
This is the body-laptop wooly jumper.Providing you a warm personal workspace..
With this tunnel effect you won't get distracted, beside it's warm and probably itching like a ... wooly jumper

Here are some other's called Scarf???

4 februari 2011

Nail Through wood trick

Yeah.... i was thinking the same.... how in earth did he get that nail there?
i was thinking about: Bending?  no, saw in pieces and glue back together? i dont know!

This nail trick is performed by Steve Ramsey a wood worker from Marin County, California

here is  how to prepare this impossible nail trick from the picture.
This will be a cool conversational prop for dinner and parties.
I didn’t even know a piece of wood can be boiled and flattened and then re-boiled it to get its shape back to the original in the first place.

3 februari 2011

Toshiba's 360 gaming helmet

 A while back you may have found this picture while surfing on the internet and thought of it as funny picture but wait its not a some type of photoshop or funny picture created by freaky mind. Its real guess who have come out with the gaming helmet, non other then Toshiba R&D team.
Is this the way we will all be 'enjoying' our television programmes and computer games in the future?

In this astonishing photo, a model is wearing a new gadget, from electronics manufacturer Toshiba. Toshiba's 360 Helmet gives player a full 360 degree experience.

Bungee Jumping Russian Style

Russians throwing down a girl from a roof top.

Crazy Russian kids test homemade bungee cord. Do not try this at home!

Two Russian guys partying in balcony

This video really made my day haha. two drunk russians partying on there balcony 8 o clock in the morning!

2 februari 2011

Precision Walking in Japan

Watch this amazing precision walk competition held in Japan

Tommy's New Job - Come Fly With Me

Tommy is obsessed with planes, and it's always been his dream to work in the aviation industry. Tommy's dream has finally come true, he's the newest employee at Happy Burger's airport branch.